Pulser Video Instructional Series #1 – Lats

Here’s part 1 of 10 of the Pulser tutorial series!

? Today we’re gonna be targeting the ‘Latissimus dorsi’ muscle AKA the ‘lats’. The ‘lats’ are involved in almost every movement of the shoulders and upper back. They commonly become tight or overactive from a result of bad posture/rounded shoulders. And overtime, our muscles lose the ability to revert back to their natural position because of weakness and/or tightness in the lats region, further compromising our posture.

Shoulder Flexion test before rolling: To find out if you are experiencing tight lat muscle, simply sit on the floor and raise both hands into flexion as seen in the picture below. Note: ‘Do not overcompensate shoulder flexion range of motion by extending your lower back.’

If you find your hands are stuck/restricted or unable to maintain a relatively straight elbow position before your shoulders reach somewhere beside your ears, then there is a good chance that you have tight muscles in your lats region.

Image result for shoulder flexion seated



? Rolling your lats with the Pulser is an extremely effective way of ironing out those deep pesky knots, restoring mobility and function to your shoulder joint. This helps with the correction of bad posture and the eventual solution for many other problems such as tension headaches, lower back pain, etc..

Here’s how:

? Recommended Pulser Setting: II

✔1) Lie down on your side with the Pulser slightly underneath your armpit, perpendicular to your body.

✔2) Extend the arm out straight and as far out as possible, forming a straight line with the rest of your body.

✔3) Keep one leg bent at about 90 degrees – for additional support.

✔4) Tighten your core and lift hips off mat, so that your weight is supported by your feet and the Pulser.

✔5) Slowly roll back and forth to find a tender spot. Once found, hold for for at least 30 seconds and let the Pulser’s vibration do its work.

✔6) Use palm as a guide to lean forward and backward to hit the full muscle group

Shoulder Flexion Test After Rolling: After rolling one side of your lats with the Pulser, stop and retest by raising both hands above head again. Do you notice a significant difference?

Try it out! Let us know how you feel.


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