Pulser Video Instructional Series #2 – Quads

Here’s part 2 of 10 of the pulser tutorial series! ? Today you’ll be learning how to roll on the Quadriceps, one of largest and most powerful muscle in our bodies. ??‍♂️ The Quadriceps are used in almost every lower body movement involving the legs. We utilize it everyday from the basic function of pushing […]

Pulser Video Instructional Series #1 – Lats

Here’s part 1 of 10 of the Pulser tutorial series! ? Today we’re gonna be targeting the ‘Latissimus dorsi’ muscle AKA the ‘lats’. The ‘lats’ are involved in almost every movement of the shoulders and upper back. They commonly become tight or overactive from a result of bad posture/rounded shoulders. And overtime, our muscles lose the ability […]